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The greenery on the trees will shortly reach it’s fullest incarnation; the lazy buzz of the bumblebee is becoming normal background noise and the Lavender, Hydrangea and Rose, preparing to burst into bloom, are singing of the coming of summer. The scent of delicate flowers, the sweet taste of ripe fruits and the warmth of the sun on your skin...
— Hannah Bullivant

A Guide to Natural Summer Living on a Budget

We have a deep conviction that it’s not necessary to spend lots of money to make the sort of summer memories you’ll treasure for decades to come. We hope to inspire you to live the best summer you can, with whatever time and means you have, whether you're planning to spend the whole summer wild camping in the mountains, or you're a parent juggling work and childcare. We wrote this for anyone short on time and money who'd like to make the most of the natural beauty of Summer in a mindful and eco-friendly way.

What will I get?

This self paced  E-Guide features 4 core modules called "Forage", "Make", "Gather" and "Tend".  After paying, you will be sent the full beautifully designed guide in a PDF. Which includes tutorials, planning tools, resource links and printables. Over the following 4 weeks, we will focus on each module individually, sending one a week which will also include bonus video content.

Whats included?

  • Over 100 pages of inspiring features and beautiful photographs all showing the joy of a simple summer well lived. 
  • Practical features full of printables, lists and stockist info covering topics such as:
  • The joy of a summer fire and how to build one
  • How to survive Hayfever with Herbal Remedies
  • The Simple Joy of Camping; both maximalist and minimalist
  • A beginners guide to foraging, including a kit list
  • A masterclass on the medicinal and health benefits of lots of summer herbs 
  • Tips on styling and preparing for a summer dinner party
  • A guide to summer beers from the founder of a craft brewery
  • Simple, useful  summer crafts including a summer wreath and garden canopy
  • Best of the summer's flowers and vegetables
  • Delicious, easy recipes for Seasonal Foods
  • Practical tips on taking care of your skin in the sun
  • Lots of  ideas and strong encouragement to take time for you- from nature meditation to skin care
  • The best holiday, garden and beach reads
  • Simple,  joyful ways to entertain kids with tons of fun and practical printables and lists. 
  • Ideas to have a more mindful, eco-Summer
  • Each module comes with it's own video looking in detail at one or two of the features in that module.  
If you could sniff this resource, it would smell like grass and smoky firewood and gin cocktails and roses. There are printables and checklists and links to almost everything you can imagine that would inspire you to make the absolute most out of this summer. It’s so beautifully written, with gorgeous images and illustrations too – I promise you will hold onto this resource for a long time.
— Mel Wiggins

Our Story

Hannah and I (Natasha) came together through the mutual love of a Physic Garden in Faversham and a cup of tea. Little did we know at the time just how much we had in common;  It's rare that you meet someone and have five conversations about minimalist and feminism and wildlife and our eco values at once but that's what we did. We knew we had to work together. 

Out of this came Stitch + Forage.

Hannah Bullivant is a writer and stylist with work regularly published in the likes of Ideal Home, Homes & Antiques and Simple Things magazine. She also styles beautiful events and products, writes lifestyle features, runs seasonal workshops and also edits the about seasonal, stylish and mindful livin.

She’s also passionate about nature, something that has been amplified since moving out of London and having a kid. She loves spending time in the woods and by the sea, collecting treasures and decorating or displaying them in her Kent home. The lure of London still glows strongly though, and she’s back there frequently to soak up the coffee and culture.

Hannah lives in a little terrace in Kent along with her mister, Dave- a director,  4 year old daughter, Frankie Rose, and an ever growing collection of house plants and dust bunnies. //

Natasha Richardson is a Herbalist, Doula and Antenatal teacher. Natasha takes patients in Bromley as well as online and takes people on walks around London showing them the wonderful abundance of herbs there is available, even in a city-landscape. On her website she has a blog and podcast about natural living which features articles on Nutrition, Yoga, Herbs and a little sprinkling of magic. She also runs a monthly mystery herbal tea subscription course which gives people the opportunity to learn herbs through their senses as well as their brains.

Natasha lives in Bromley, London with her husband Matthew (a bespoke tailor). // 

The Contributors

Lets celebrate summer together!

NOW ONLY £15.00 

(product is only available till August 31st)